Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Candana client home: Tina & Louise


  Today I have the extreme pleasure of sharing with you the delightful home of one of Candana's most favourite designers Tina De Salis of Tina & Louise.

Interior designer Tina is not one to shy away from colour or pattern and has a unique way of combining many design elements and styles to create divine living spaces.

Her own home is a perfect example of her design aesthetic, bright pops of colour amongst  minimal and sleek architecture. I mean, how great is that fuchsia Egg chair right?!

 The wallpaper in the bathrooms beautifully relate back to the colour used throughout the home. We love to see homes where the bathrooms are included in the overall design and are an extension of the furnished home. 

A big thank you to Tina for sharing her amazing home with us, we are constantly amazed and thankful that we can be involved (even if it's a small part) with beautiful homes such as this one. 

all photos via Tina De Salis

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