Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bathrooms: Batman vs. Bruce Wayne

During the action-packed 162 minutes of The Dark Knight Rises, I found myself thinking about the bathrooms of Batman.
I was torn between an art deco room of opulence and a super high-tech utility bathroom. Until I realised, just like the man himself it would have to be split into two completely different personalities, except for the one important element tying the two together... the dark.

Bruce Wayne's magnificent mansion would include countless bathrooms, but we've focused on the Powder Room where Vicki Vale or Selina Kyle might visit to freshen up. It is an elegant, dark space with high gloss surfaces and the complete reflection of Bruce's money, power and sophistication.

Devon & Devon Premiere console basin
Devon & Devon Black Jack mirror
Devon & Devon Crystal wall light
Brodware Classique basin set with lever handles

Away from the decadence of Wayne Manor lies Batman's lair, with his high tech gadgets and dark dreary surrounds Batman requires a bathroom to completely relax after a tough day fighting the crime of Gotham City.

We've given Batman a sunken concrete pool for his ice baths, an impressive rain panel (aka shower) which features lighting, temperature control and fragrance functions (all accessible by an electronic control) and of course some sleek hooks to hang his bat suit off before Alfred arrives to have it dry cleaned. The room is minimal and sleek with only the best and most tech-savvy fittings.

Parisi Monowash freestanding basin
Dornbracht Rainsky E rain panel
Dornbracht Deque bath filler
Gessi Rettangolo ceiling spout
Frost Lulu hooks, set of 5

sketches by Candana

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

50 shades of grey

Bathrooms, that is.
And not exactly 50, but a few.
Which do you prefer, a lovely light silver grey or maybe a deep steel? 

Whichever of the many shades, grey is gorgeous in bathrooms.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Inspirational design: Coloured subway tiles

Subway tiles are so hot right now, so why not have a little fun with colour and select a bright subway tile?

With a feature tile like this, adding simple yet interesting sanitary ware and tap ware will enhance the tiling and not detract from your wall. 

Style with a fabulous pendant light and some succulents and voilĂ , a bright and swoon-worthy bathroom!

Totem basin by AeT
Isy Stick wall basin mixer and spout by Zucchetti 
Goccia wall mirror by Gessi 
Goccia vases by Gessi

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