Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hansgrohe: The Origin of Shower Rails

Hansgrohe Axor Urquiola shower set

How an invention freed people’s hands when showering 

It revolutionised the bathroom: The shower rail or Unica has been around for 60 years now – and it was invented by Hans Grohe, the founder of the shower specialist Hansgrohe SE in Germany’s Black Forest.
Frequently it is the seemingly simple ideas that change the world because they make life simpler, more convenient and better. The shower bar is such an innovation with a sustainable impact. In 2013 it became 60 years old. Today it is taken for granted in bathrooms across the globe: the shower bar.

It was discovered by Hans Grohe, the pioneer of Germany’s sanitation industry, in Schiltach 60 years ago. It came on the market in 1953, under the brand name Unica: A milestone in the history of Hansgrohe as this innovation made the company the shower specialist at the time and has characterised its approach to innovation to this day. 

In addition, however, the invention of the shower bar was a significant watershed in the development of the bathroom. This is because first of all, it changed users’ behaviour by enabling “hands-free” showering – with a height-adjustable hand shower. Secondly, this brought about the emancipation of the shower from the bathtub. This heralded the advent of separate showering areas in the bathroom, changing its architecture in the process. A genuine bathroom revolution! 

Hans Grohe

Hansgrohe’s Unica was the world’s first shower sliding rail in 1953

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