Sunday, 17 August 2014

5 mins with... David Moses of Horizon Habitats

For this edition of '5 mins with...' we've interviewed well-known Sydney builder David Moses of Horizon HabitatsHorizon Habitats have been building and maintaining homes across Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and North Shore for the last 25 years.

They've built some of the most luxurious homes in Sydney (if not, Australia) and we've been lucky enough to supply the bathroom products for most of these homes. 
Their work is impeccable and the highly professional staff are always a pleasure to deal with.

Describe your building work in 5 words…

Professional. High Quality. Service. Trust.

Which bathroom brand are you most likely to recommend to your clients?

Whatever they choose is PERFECT!!! My wife loves her Boyd Alternatives bath

Who are some local or international designers/architects/builders that you admire?

We work with a multitude of talented designers and architects in Sydney!!! SAOTA in South Africa are doing some great work over there.

If you could build anyone’s bathroom (past or present), whose would it be? And what would you do with it?

The original Moses! We’d need drains on both sides of the bathroom as he parted the waters!!!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt about building bathrooms?

-Locate the taps outside the shower, so you can turn the water on and get it nice and warm before you get wet!
-Have a small step down in to the shower to stop the water splash out
-A niche is always a good idea to put some shelves for shampoo and soap
-Another niche for washing feet/shaving legs is also useful

What is your favourite Candana bathroom product and why?

The “Urban Rain” – designed by Candana, of course!!!

We would like to thank David Moses and the HH team for their continued support and for sharing a small insight into their building.
Check out their website and blog for more info.

all photos via Horizon Habitats

Sunday, 3 August 2014

AXOR LampShower

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Oki Sato from Japanese design studio Nendo loves creating moments of surprise. So he completely baffles us with a lamp that is actually a shower. Inspired by a floor lamp, his dream is to combine totally different living areas. What would a combined shower and light look like? One where you can simply draw up a chair, switch on the light and read?
In the Axor LampShower, water and light are brought together in perfect harmony. While at first glance this looks like a lamp, on looking closer you find that it offers a one-of-a-kind showering experience. There's an element of magic in the poetic design: a beautifully-formed water jet, which envelops the whole body, rains down from the rim of the transparent lampshade. The integrated ambient lighting creates a feel-good atmosphere throughout the entire bathroom.
Wall-mounted or on the ceiling: the Axor LampShower does away with the traditional boundaries between spaces. The bathroom blends into the living area as though it were always so. At the same time, the Axor LampShower brings a homely feel to the bathroom, and can be perfectly combined with shower and bathroom products from a range of different collections and styles.
As well as the chrome variants, the Axor manufacturing team offers various special finishes, such as a gold look for example. So the Axor LampShower can be refined to suit personal taste.

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*Available in Australia at Candana soon
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