Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

From the team at Candana, we'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Top 10... Workplaces

Red Bull headquarters, Amsterdam by Sid Lee Architecture

OK, clearly this one is our favourite because of the bathrooms. A lot of the time, these super-cool ultra designed workplaces will completely forget about the bathrooms and include a crappy (pun intended) toilet and boring basin. In this case, they kept with the theming all the way through, including the bathrooms. Well done Sid Lee, well done.

Skype office, Sweden by PS Arkitektur

The colours in this office space are just beautiful. Bright, happy and glowing, a definite cure for a bad day at work. The architects wanted to reflect the brand’s playful spirit and its mission to connect the world in the working environment, they did this by using fun furniture shapes and light-fittings. 

ANZ Centre, Melbourne by Hassell

This modern establishment accommodates 6,500 employees over 130,000 square metres and includes spaces for work, play, creation and relaxation. Hassell have created a contemporary and welcoming mega-centre which connects every aspect of this work space.

Selgas Cano Architecture office, Madrid

You can't get much better inspiration for an architecture firm than the natural woods of Spain. Half of this amazing tunnel is underground and the other half under a glass ceiling, bringing nature closer to the employees.

Facebook, USA by Studio O+A

This to me, looks like a designed version of what I imagine American 'college life' to be. O+A Studio used eclectic and random furniture, warehouse and industrial elements and of course some DJ decks. I like.

Sculp(it) Office, Antwerp

Located in Antwerp's former red light district, this 2.4m wide building spans over 4 levels and acts as work and living space for architect duo Sculp(it). Each level represents a different living/work space; ground floor is the office, the second floor is the dining room, the third floor is the living room and the fourth the bedroom. There is also a bathtub on the roof and the building turns into a light installation at night!

Escada head office, Munich by Studio Carbonale

Just like the fashion house itself, the Escada head office in Munich is luxurious, opulent and detailed. I imagine stepping into this office would be like stepping into a jewellery box.

Vodafone head office, Portugal by Barbosa Guimaraes Arquitectos

This super modern building was designed with the motto 'Vodafone Life, Life in Motion' in mind. Barbosa Guimaraes Arquitectos created an angular building to show constant motion and unbalance. This is an iconic building if I ever saw one.

Azure Office, Ukraine by Sergey Makhno

Sergey Makhno took the designer accessory office name literally and designed a blue toned office space with hip furniture and fittings.
The brilliant blue's have been set against cool, crisp materials such as concrete to create a stunning work space.

Manchester Square offices, London by SHH Architects

If Bruce Wayne existed and had an office, it would look like this. Designed by SHH Architects, this very gentleman's-club-looking office interior is all business and sophistication. They have combined the perfect elements of modern and classic design without being too over-styled. Cigar, anyone?
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