Monday, 15 September 2014

Get to know the Candana team (Part 1)

32 years on and still located in Woollahra, Candana Designs showcase a diverse mix of decedent architecture and design work from an array of international and homegrown brands. Being designers themselves, the Candana staff strives to inspire a bathroom design culture that wows the industry and also their valued clients.
The team at Candana Designs all pride themselves on perfect craftsmanship and we thought we would begin introducing you to some of the staff behind the company.
Firstly, we will be introducing you to the Managing Director of Candana Designs, Marc Reed.
Next, you will discover a little bit about Senior Design Consultant at Candana Designs, Kaety Thompson.

Marc Reed - Managing Director
1. What bathroom products/brands currently make you hot and flustered?
The current range of Teuco products, simply because they are so damn Sexy! In particular, I love the Accademia freestanding bath in the Stone Grey or Carrara Marble.
2. What are you known for? (What’s your Instagram alter ego?)
I am known for telling terrible, groan-worthy Dad jokes. Having children has been a great excuse for me to act like a goose, which I seem to be good at! I would also like to think that I am known for running a very good team of Bathroom designers.
3. What is your favourite song to perform in the shower?
Having 2 young boys, it would probably be a song from The Wiggles. I don’t remember the last time I got to listen to my own music.
4. If we walked into your dream bathroom, what would we see?
I love the “Hamptons” theme that we are currently seeing a lot of, it has always been my desired style of living! So you would see subway tiles (I know they have been done to death), splashes of Carrara marble, a lot from the Happy-D range from Duravit and tapware from Brodware. In particular, the Neu England range in a brushed nickel finish. Clean, simple, warm, and textured.   
5. Have you ever stolen a pen from work?
As I own the business I guess I can’t steal from myself, or can I? I know I have lost a lot of pens, that’s for sure!
6. Pick one designer and one architect to be your parents. Why did you choose them?
As my father is an architect, I’d pick him. He is my inspiration as a father and he is also a fantastic architect. He frustrates me to boiling point sometimes but I still love the guy. My mother would be the extremely talented designer, Briony Fitzgerald. She has been a client of mine for many years and I just love the way she goes about her business. Lots of colour and lots of fun. (Sorry Mum.)
7. What bathroom product/fitting would you be and why?
As the Managing Director here at Candana I normally have to deal a lot in spare parts for clients we helped 20-30yrs ago, so I would have to say if I was a bathroom product I’d probably be a washer or something alike.
8. What magazines/books are next to your toilet?
Bathroom and design books of course! Belle, Monument, Vogue, Trend, Habitus, and probably a few children’s books.
9. What are the biggest mistakes people make in bathrooms that quite frankly makes you seethe?
Putting a free-standing bath in to an area that can’t fit one. It is my absolute pet hate to see that in a bathroom.

Family time at the beach- Oscar, Marc and Charlie
The Reed boys- Charlie, Marc & Oscar
Neu England in Brushed Nickel

Teuco bath in Carrara Marble

Kaety Thompson - Senior Design Consultant
1. What bathroom products/brands currently make you hot and flustered?
There are some fantastic things coming out of Denmark at the moment, which I’m loving. Brands like Frost and Menu are designing some of the most beautiful and contemporary bathroom accessories, which are extremely well made and thought out. It’s so refreshing to have some Nordic design follow through to the bathroom. I also have to mention KOS; these guys are bringing out beautifully designed baths and basins out of my homeland, Italy.
2. What are you known for? (What’s your Instagram alter ego?)
I’m usually known for my constant hair colour and style changes, which is why I often have customers coming in asking if I’m new (even though I’ve been here almost 7 years!). I’ve been everything from pastel pink to fire red pixie, but I think my signature is the black bob.
3. What is your favourite song to perform in the shower?
My favourite song to perform in the shower would have to be 90s classic ‘Pump Up The Jam’, while using the soap pump of course.
4. If we walked into your dream bathroom, what would we see?
Sonny Bill Williams in a towel… I mean, Vola tapware in copper, concrete floors (underfloor heating is a must), and a Sicis custom tile mural of a Roy Lichtenstein artwork.

5. Have you ever stolen a pen from work?

Nope, I’ve been lucky enough to score some great things over the years from Candana, and they were gifted to me! Candana are some of the most generous people you will ever meet.
6. Pick one designer and one architect to be your parents. Why did you choose them?
I would HAVE to choose my all-time favourite wacky designer Philippe Starck to be my Dad – he is so hilarious and an absolute genius that there would never be a dull moment. As for my Mum, I’d have to go with Rae Eames, just because it would be interesting to see her and Philippe in a room together!
7. What bathroom product/fitting would you be and why?
I would be a Vola KV1 designed by Arne Jacobsen in the 1960’s – the most iconic bathroom/kitchen design piece of all time! But in Orange, to give it a ‘Kaety’ colour twist.
8. What magazines/books are next to your toilet?
I don’t believe in spending more time in the toilet than is necessary, so no books/magazines in there. However, if I HAD to read something, it would probably be the Harry Potter series (for the millionth time).
9. What are the biggest mistakes people make in bathrooms that quite frankly makes you seethe?
Putting freestanding baths in a space where there is not enough room! Renovation TV shows have given the general public the impression that a luxury bathroom needs a freestanding bath - this is not the case people! Try cleaning around a bathtub that is squeezed into a 3-wall niche – impossible and completely impractical!

Kaety and her husband Glen

Kaety meeting with another favourite designer, Karim Rashid in NYC

Vola HV1 in Copper

KOS Morphing range

Interview by UMM..

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Inspiration: Black/White Bathroom

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
*All of the above Candana items are currently on display at the Woollahra store

1. Menu Norm towel ladder
3. Marble tiles in herringbone
5. Phoenix Vivid Slimline bath mixer
6. Aura Duo bath towel 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

5 mins with... David Moses of Horizon Habitats

For this edition of '5 mins with...' we've interviewed well-known Sydney builder David Moses of Horizon HabitatsHorizon Habitats have been building and maintaining homes across Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and North Shore for the last 25 years.

They've built some of the most luxurious homes in Sydney (if not, Australia) and we've been lucky enough to supply the bathroom products for most of these homes. 
Their work is impeccable and the highly professional staff are always a pleasure to deal with.

Describe your building work in 5 words…

Professional. High Quality. Service. Trust.

Which bathroom brand are you most likely to recommend to your clients?

Whatever they choose is PERFECT!!! My wife loves her Boyd Alternatives bath

Who are some local or international designers/architects/builders that you admire?

We work with a multitude of talented designers and architects in Sydney!!! SAOTA in South Africa are doing some great work over there.

If you could build anyone’s bathroom (past or present), whose would it be? And what would you do with it?

The original Moses! We’d need drains on both sides of the bathroom as he parted the waters!!!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt about building bathrooms?

-Locate the taps outside the shower, so you can turn the water on and get it nice and warm before you get wet!
-Have a small step down in to the shower to stop the water splash out
-A niche is always a good idea to put some shelves for shampoo and soap
-Another niche for washing feet/shaving legs is also useful

What is your favourite Candana bathroom product and why?

The “Urban Rain” – designed by Candana, of course!!!

We would like to thank David Moses and the HH team for their continued support and for sharing a small insight into their building.
Check out their website and blog for more info.

all photos via Horizon Habitats

Sunday, 3 August 2014

AXOR LampShower

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oki Sato from Japanese design studio Nendo loves creating moments of surprise. So he completely baffles us with a lamp that is actually a shower. Inspired by a floor lamp, his dream is to combine totally different living areas. What would a combined shower and light look like? One where you can simply draw up a chair, switch on the light and read?
In the Axor LampShower, water and light are brought together in perfect harmony. While at first glance this looks like a lamp, on looking closer you find that it offers a one-of-a-kind showering experience. There's an element of magic in the poetic design: a beautifully-formed water jet, which envelops the whole body, rains down from the rim of the transparent lampshade. The integrated ambient lighting creates a feel-good atmosphere throughout the entire bathroom.
Wall-mounted or on the ceiling: the Axor LampShower does away with the traditional boundaries between spaces. The bathroom blends into the living area as though it were always so. At the same time, the Axor LampShower brings a homely feel to the bathroom, and can be perfectly combined with shower and bathroom products from a range of different collections and styles.
As well as the chrome variants, the Axor manufacturing team offers various special finishes, such as a gold look for example. So the Axor LampShower can be refined to suit personal taste.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

*Available in Australia at Candana soon

Monday, 28 July 2014

Game Of Thrones

Considered by many people to be the taboo subject of bathrooms, choosing the right toilet will probably be the most important choice you may have to make when renovating or building a bathroom.

Not only does this essential object need to be aesthetically pleasing, it is important to have a toilet which is easy to clean, designed well internally for optimum flushing and quite importantly must be comfortable.

We may use the bathroom every day but we use the toilet multiple times each day, the average person spends three whole years of their life sitting on the toilet so you'd want to make sure you've got a good one.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right pan for you, the market is flooded with toilets. So using our expert opinion, we thought we'd put together our top 5 and explain exactly why it is worth choosing one of these.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1. Starck 3 by Duravit
Originally designed in 2002 by world renowned designer Philippe Starck, this is still one of, if not the most, popular toilets we supply. 'Frequently copied but never matched' the Starck 3 range is and remains the measure of all things when it comes to design, variety and price.
Geberit internals, clean lines and a contemporary feel will ensure these toilets will be around for a long time.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2. Subway by Villeroy & Boch
The primary competition to the Starck 3, the Subway suite is our most popular range by ceramic mega house Villeroy & Boch. Most people have heard of V&B from their range of tableware and most are surprised to hear this company have been making ceramics for more than three centuries. So it's pretty safe to say V&B know a thing or two about sanitaryware.
 The Subway is the brands most sleek and minimal designed toilet suite and is available with 'CeramicPlus', a special process that gives the surface a permanent high quality finish and offers optimum hygiene and less cleaning time.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

3. Q by Studio Bagno
It's quite difficult to find a bathroom product that is Australian designed, in fact you could probably count Australian-designed sanitary-ware on one hand it is so rare.
Q back to wall suite is a design commissioned by Studio Bagno from Mark Armstrong, one of Australia's foremost industrial designers. This is an Australian design icon with superior hydraulic characteristics in the pan design to ensure optimum four star performance.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

4. Darling New by Duravit
Designed by Sieger Design (and as its name suggests) Darling New is the newest range by Duravit and set to be a Duravit classic – top end design without a top end price tag. The new range offers harmonious circular forms and an exquisite shape. Darling New is the modern version of a bathroom classic – versatile, stylish and affordable.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

5. PuraVida by Duravit
The brainchild of Phoenix Design, the design of this extraordinary complete range makes minimalism approachable by giving it a new feminine touch. All lines are exceptionally soft and give the range a sense of effortless motion. PuraVida’s graceful appearance, inviting surfaces and subtle luxury make the collection ideal for people who are not interested in prestige but in contemporary forms, enjoyment and joie de vivre.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Trend: The Midas Touch

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tom Dixon Void pendant 
Outliving TOOTH brush holder
West Elm soap dispensers
Brodware Michelangelo wall set
Decor Walther toothbrushes
Vola HV1

Monday, 7 July 2014

Do or Don't: Wallpaper in bathrooms

Wallpaper can be a tricky wall covering to pull off in bathrooms. It should most definitely only be used in powder rooms and non wet-areas but when done correctly can look absolutely breathtaking.

Whether it is an over-the-top print or subtle geometric pattern (as shown in the image above) wallpaper will instantly turn a cold, utilitarian room into an inviting space that reflects your personal style and some creativity.

Some of the most striking powder and guest bathrooms we've worked on have included some fantastic wallpapers combined with feature basins (bronze bowls, stone basins etc) and special finished tapware which immediately drew you into the space.

This on-going trend is adaptable to most people, from the bold-eclectic style addicts to the chic traditionalists, there's a wallpapered bathroom out there for everyone! 

Bird wallpaper with Duravit Happy D basin

Geometric elegance with brass fittings

Contemporary & fun yellow stripes

 Fornasetti wallpaper

 Traditional florals with brass fittings

 Bright, light florals open up a space

Contemporary black/white bathroom with modern wallpaper

Banana leaf wallpaper with traditional clawfoot tub

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