Friday, 31 July 2015

Iconic brand Vola places confidence in Candana for years to come


As the longest-running supplier of Vola bathroom products in Australia, Candana Bathroom Ware provides a thorough understanding of the Vola brand and expert product knowledge, which is unsurpassed in Australia. Candana is now proud to announce that as of this month, they are also the largest retailer of the brand in New South Wales.

Vola is excited about its ongoing relationship with Candana, and Candana is extremely proud to be supplying the most iconic designer bathroom brand available on the market.

“Candana has successfully sold Vola for the past 20 years and with Candana’s continued support of the brand, it gives us confidence for the years ahead," said Vola’s Area Sales Manager for the Asia-Pacific region, Carsten Hartmann.

Due to Candana's expertise in bathroom design, the company has been able to equip itself with an advanced level of understanding of the Vola product, as well as continually placing importance in the history of design.

Candana's relationship with plumbers, builders and general installers – in addition to interior designers and architects - is imperative and the company places a firm importance on making sure everyone involved with the selection and installation of the product receives the utmost assistance and information required. This is where Candana's experience and knowledge comes into play and the company prides itself on providing support at every stage of the renovation and design process.

As Candana’s team is comprised of architects and interior designers, they are passionate about Vola’s design status and the idea of creating timeless spaces.

Candana looks forward to specifying and supporting NSW with any Vola inquiries.

For any sales inquiries please contact Marc Reed or Kaety Thompson from Candana Bathroom Ware on 02 9389 8631

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