Monday, 26 November 2012

Candana Christmas gift ideas!

This is pretty exciting, there are only 4 weeks till Christmas!
So what do you get for someone who has everything? Stylish bathroom accessories of course. 
We've put together some of our favourite pieces below. 
Whatever your style, you'll find the perfect gift at Candana.

Flaminia Cest ceramic bin
Omvivo Cero stool
Gedy Rainbow soap dispenser
Frost Lulu hooks, pack of 5

Gessi Goccia ceiling shower
Gessi Goccia vessel basin
Outliving TOOTH brush holder
Alessi toilet brush
Eva Solo soap dispenser

Outliving Flip bin
Frost Quadra toilet brush
Vola KV1 kitchen mixer
Frost Wishbone table

Frost Mini Camouflage hook
Gedy Yannis stool
Outliving Flip bin
Outliving Cherry toilet brush
Vola KV1 kitchen mixers

Decor Walther toothbrushes
Gessi Mimi tumbler and soap dispenser
Vola HV1 basin mixer
Outliving TOOTH brush holder

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