Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sporting Chance Charity Run

Managing director of Candana, Marc Reed had two resolutions this year;
the first was to get fit and the second was to do something worthwhile for charity.

He started running a little over 2 months ago and has set himself a goal of running the Sydney Morning Herald half marathon on Sunday May 20th.

"While I set myself this goal I thought why not use this as a way to raise awareness and funding for a worthwhile cause, the Sporting Chance cancer Foundation" says Marc.

This non-for-profit organisation was established in 1998 by Mark Taylor, Reg Gasnier, Raelene Boyle and Bob Skilton. They are committed to financially supporting children with cancer and also offering a number of research scholarships to doctors and scientists to help with ways to better overcome cancer. For more information visit

I'm sure most people reading this have at least one time been affected by cancer (whether it be directly or through a friend or family member). It is an unavoidable part of life but by raising awareness and some much needed money for research we can slowly start fighting back.

"When Nick, Sebastian, and I set this up we never thought anyone would want to do something as crazy as run a half marathon. It seems it is not such a crazy idea and we have now decided to open the event for anyone wishing to join us. We have now gone from a team of 3 to a team of 7 within a few days. If anyone wishes to join our team please email me directly and I will fill you in on the details."

Anyone interested in donating to this great cause do so directly at the Sporting Chance cancer foundation website. Please state on the donation that it is for the 'half marathon' so we can keep tabs on the amount donated. By doing this an automatic tax deductible receipt will be made for you.

On the 26th of May the SCCF will hold their annual race day and Marc and his team hope to present them with a cheque on the day with the money raised by this run. Any donation big or small would be very much appreciated!


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