Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Candana post-Christmas party... Kangaroo Valley

Two Figs winery

With a hectic 2011 wrapping up, Candana had no time to celebrate Christmas. So we decided to take a wonderful weekend away in the new year to relax and have some fun before starting up again in 2012. Kangaroo Valley was the perfect place to do that.

The tiny NSW town of Kangaroo Valley (population 320) is so hidden that you wouldn't know it existed unless you went looking. It's located midway between Moss Vale and Nowra, about 140km southwest of Sydney.

It is surrounded by lush greenery and curious wildlife (yes, there are Kangaroo's everywhere!)and some of the most beautiful and delicious wineries in Australia.

We spent the first day exploring said wineries including Silos Estate, Two Figs winery and Mountain Ridge winery. Then spent the next day enjoying the gorgeous surrounds with a round of 9-hole golf (my official role of golf buggy driver was just as enjoyable).

If you get a chance to visit Kangaroo Valley, do it. Its a stunning little town that will remind you of the amazing places we have right in our backyard.

P.S. Make sure you stop at the Old Store to try the 'World's Best Pies'

All photos by Candana

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