Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bathrooms: U.S vs. Oz

U.S Bathrooms

The Americans have always been known to have a 'bigger is better' mentality to all aspects of life; food, architecture, cars etc.
So it makes sense that their bathrooms are typically large, full of life and personality.

They have no fear of wallpapers and colour; dark finishes such as brass, copper and heavy timbers are combined with decorative lighting and textures to achieve an elegant end result.

We see a lot of traditional designs and very classic forms, over-all very furnished bathrooms that are an extension of their homes. 

Nordquist contemporary bathroom
Design by San Francisco architect John Lum Architecture

Master Bathroom contemporary bathroom

Seeley Master Bath B traditional bathroom
Tresham Bathroom Collection eclectic bathroom
Kohler bathroom

Upper Eastside Townhouse contemporary bathroom

Australian Bathrooms

Australia is a young country with a young and fresh design aesthetic. 
Natural light is an important part of Australian design and bathrooms are often light, airy and quite practical spaces.

We are seeing more bright colours introduced into the bathroom, but the stark white is a consistent design base, almost like a white canvas ready for its splashes of colour.
Features such as lighting, tiles and stools create a personalised touch to the Aussie bathroom. 

Design by Briony Fitzgerald Design (read an interview here)

Design by Poco Designs
Design by Edwards Moore (blogged here)

Designed by Hare & Klein

Design by Ian Moore Architects (blogged here)

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