Monday, 30 June 2014

New Product Preview: Zucchetti Closer

An eclectic concept by Diego Grandi for an unusual showerhead.
CLOSER will be a big-appeal design object, both poetic and essential, a more dynamic reworking of the traditional idea of the showerhead for total relaxation designed to suit the individual.    

“Extremely flexible, adjustable and extendible, inspired by the famous “Zucchetti  - Domatori d’acqua (water masters)” TV advert, my aim with CLOSER is to reinvent the shower as a moment of personalised, regenerating, relaxing wellbeing.” Diego Grandi

A wall-mounted horizontal/vertical swivel system allows the jet of water to be pointed in different directions.      
Simple and intuitive to use, CLOSER will let the water flow freely all over the body, massaging gently or firmly, to regenerate body and mind or give a blast of energy.

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