Monday, 16 September 2013

Inspiration: Design through time... Part 1

We have the pleasure of dealing with a great variety of homes built in many different time periods here at Candana. From luxurious Art Deco apartments in Bellevue Hill to the grand Victorian terraces of Paddington, we constantly face the challenge of modernising these spaces while paying homage to the time period they were built in.

Luckily nowadays there are many products that have been inspired by these era's and the trick to getting the balance right is mixing enough of the old with the new.

We've chosen some of our favourite bathroom time periods and used them as inspiration for a more updated look. You won't find any salmon or turquoise suites here, just some contemporary bathrooms with a nod to their respective time periods.


First up we have the roaring 20's!
Design at this time was glamorous and sophisticated, geometric and angular.
We were inspired by the lines of the Art Deco movement and the simple, yet effective monochrome colour schemes of the time. The focus on cars, cruise liners and skyscrapers influenced the heavy use of chrome and metal finishes. 

Devon & Devon Elite tiles
Devon & Devon Blues console

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