Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sicis NYC

Visiting New York showrooms is a completely unique and inspiring activity.
While in NY for the ICFF fair, I decided to stroll through Soho and check out the local design showrooms including the very exclusive and chic Sicis tiles (available at Candana).

Spread over 4 levels in one of the most beautiful buildings is mosaic tile heaven!
I was greeted at the door by a lovely representative (I mean, who isn't friendly in America?!) who directed me to the different areas of the showroom. 

From stone mosaics to Murano glass pin-up girls, every surface was clad in exquisite tiles and yet it wasn't confusing or excessive. Each display flowed from one to the other.

The craftsmanship and overall magnificence of the Sicis product is perfectly reflected in this impressive showroom. If you ever find yourself strolling down Broome & Greene Streets, drop into Sicis and experience one of the best showrooms in America.

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