Monday, 8 October 2012

Cersaie 2012

Bologna is not only a beautiful city with beautiful people and great food, it is also home to the Cersaie bathroom and tile fair once a year.
Staff at Candana have been coming here for over 15 years now and we have watched not only the size of the exhibition grow but also the quality of product displayed.

Over the years you see the way the European market changes. Four years ago it was the introduction of black. Black was back.
Before then it was hard edged square that was the fashion. Not only in tiles, basins and toilets but black tapware was all the rage. 
This year it is colour. Everything is colour and we love it. 
Tiles are changing, pastel colours are back in fashion but we are now seeing this applied to ceramics.

Baby blues, soft yellow, pastel pinks and warm greys. Often we see that some trends don't follow through to the Australian market but I think this one is a winner.

Designers are now looking at how to introduce colour and simplicity to an ever expanding market. 
The renowned Philippe Starck has introduced a new tile line that erases the concern over tile lines that don't match up. Displaying these in the usual colours but also introducing soft pastel colours in a way that says to me "let's have some fun now".

We have all experienced the gfc in one way or another and the stress that comes with it.
I think if anything has come out if this fair it's an attitude of "Let's enjoy life and the colours that come with it".
I know I will take that on board when we look at new product in the future. 
Stay tuned for our launch in to the tile world, early 2013.

Marc Reed- Managing Director of Candana

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