Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Event... An evening with Nicole Roesler of Kaldewei

The Candana crew: Aaron, Alison, Jennifer and Kaety


The 21st of October at 6.30pm the Candana crew made their way down to the beautiful Andrew 'Boy' Charlton Pool for a presentation by Nicole Roesler of Kaldewei Germany.

We were greeted by the lovely Bathe team and enjoyed champagne and delicious canapes while chatting with Sydney's premium architects and designers.

Aaron and Jennifer of Candana


Jimmy from a non-Candana showroom, Alison of Candana

Nicole Roesler of Kaldewei


Nicole presented a great insight into the direction the iconic steel bath company is heading. A quick history of the bathing experience reminded us that the bath has been an important part of our history since the beginning of time.

Kaldewei are re-introducing a luxurious bathing experience and are presenting the bathroom as a sanctuary and place of relaxation, rather than a wash-room to be used quickly.

For many years the kitchen has been the heart of the home, and no we aren't suggesting you entertain while soaking in the tub but the bathroom should be the most important room of a home. It's where you can relax after a long hard day, wash away your troubles under a steaming hot shower and appreciate life in a relaxed atmosphere.

  All images by Karina Illovska

Thank you to Bathe for putting on a great night, Nicole Roesler for sharing her knowledge and Kaldewei for a beautiful product!

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