Monday, 26 September 2011

Cubby House by Edwards Moore Architects

Edwards Moore are a Melbourne based architecture firm who pride themselves on supplying bespoke architectural services to clients of all types. From residential and commercial projects to music stages and exhibition spaces.

Amongst their repertoire of work, they have extended and refurbished a Fitzroy apartment overlooking a public swimming pool. They used an interesting material throughout, OSB (Oriented Strand Board) which is typically used for sheathing in walls, floors and roofs. Its completely unique and creates a fantastic feature which is quite striking against a mostly white scheme.

The bathrooms are a stunning example of minimal and classic fittings with unique finishes. Using OSB on doors and furniture with a backdrop of a classic white, brick patterned tile has proved extremely effective and also highlights the black tapware used throughout the bathrooms.

One of my favourite details of the bathrooms is the shower area, Edwards Moore used an angled ceiling which includes a circular hole in the shower recess. Not only does this bring in a huge amount of natural light, looking into the bathroom you see a magnificent rainfall of water which seems to come from no where.

I should also mention the Laufen Palomba vessel basin used in the bathroom, the asymmetrical shape of this basin designed by the amazing Roberto and Ludovica Palomba reflects perfectly the angular lines of the surrounding architecture.

All images by Peter Bennetts

Overall this is a super stylish home and it proves that taking risks (i.e. with materials and finishes) can be well worth it!

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