Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Located in the heart of Berlin, the Nhow hotel is the first of its kind, a hotel dedicated to music!
This hotel is for serious musos and music lovers, offering round the clock concierge services to deliver a Gibson guitar to your suite (because who doesn't have a midnight craving for some rockin' riffs?).

The rooms are equipped with the latest technology; IPod connections, over 30 TV and 100 music stations and state of the art entertainment systems.
The hotel also houses not one but two recording studios, their own music manager and is regularly hosting some of the hottest gigs in Berlin.

The interior is designed by none other than the colour genius, Karim Rashid and hosts an array of guests which include business travellers, international jet-setters, party animals and the biggest bands. True to Rashid's iconic style the interiors feature fresh colours, rounded forms and clear lines that perfectly reflect sound waves.

This dynamic space is constantly moving and changing. The art and multimedia displayed throughout are arranged 3 times a year to reflect the current trends in fashion, music and art. Nhow have even collaborated with Berlin graffiti artists to design one of the walls of the hotel with a mural inspired by the Berlin wall.

I have a feeling this is one hotel that rock stars won't be trashing.

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