Sunday, 22 May 2011

Over The Rainbow

Candana love colour!
It’s an essential part of everyday life and holds an immense amount of power over our emotions.

Bringing colour into a bathroom can completely transform the space from a commercial, almost clinical area to a reflection of ones personality and style.

Whether it’s floor to ceiling patterned wallpaper or a pop of brightly coloured tapware, the bathroom then becomes an extension of your home and personal style.

Have an existing bathroom you can’t re-tile or renovate? An easy and quick way to update is by adding colourful accessories and giftware pieces, think Missoni towels and our very own Gedy Rainbow collection of soap dispensers, tumblers etc.

Frank Lloyd Wright first proposed red marble for the Guggenheim façade. He said, ‘Red is the colour of creation’.
We agree.

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